President’s greeting

Greetings to friends and colleagues.

For the last 116 years, Sahmyook University has been growing with constant advancements in education and research, providing finest academic services locally and internationally in the fields of Theology, Humanities & Social Sciences, Healthcare Science, Science & Technology, Culture & Arts, and Integration of Faith & Learning.

The idea of establishing the ISAA (International Society for Academic Advancement) surfaced when we hosted the ICSU2021 (International Conference of Sahmyook University 2021) as a commemoration event of the 115th year anniversary of Sahmyook University, where active exchanges of knowledge, academic networking, and collaboration among diverse Adventist institutions around the world were witnessed.

In celebration of the 116th anniversary, Sahmyook University has established the ISAA to form and expand academic exchanges and cooperation with our sister institutions all over the world. It is my belief that the establishment of the ISAA will play a major role in supporting and carrying forward God’s work more effectively with the help of Adventist higher education institutions all over the world. Together with the strong support of the worldwide Adventist communities, we will strive to spread the advent message through professional research and other creative and leading methodologies.

Dear Adventist college and university presidents, administrators, professors, researchers, students, and believers, I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your prayers and continuous support for the ISAA.

Thank you.

ISAA President, Il Mok Kim