Establishing Background

The idea of establishing International Society for Academic Advancement (ISAA) came to mind right after the successful hosting of the ICSU2021 (International Conference of Sahmyook University 2021), an event to commemorate the 115th anniversary of Sahmyook University.

As a hosting institution of the ICSU2021, experiencing the powerful network of SDA Universities and related institutions around the world, felt strong impulse that this kind of international academic event must go on rather than ending with just one-time event.

Establishing Purpose

The ISAA (International Society for Academic Advancement) was established to:

Purpose 1
Provide opportunities to exchange knowledge, experience and expertise with our colleagues, fellow teachers, students, and sister schools in the worldwide SDA universities.
Purpose 2
Share our research areas and results with one another to extend each other’s expertise and share expert instruction.
Purpose 3
Prepare a foundation of Global Network throughout the same majors and similar areas.
Purpose 4
Supply International Conference activity opportunities to not only college and graduate school students, but also to high school students.

Main Project

ISAA’s 3 main projects are


International Conferences


Harmonious Session Activities


Expansion & Cooperation Between Sessions

Operation Plan

ISAA’s operation plan follows

Manage by Division

  • Religion & Theology
  • Humanities & Social Science
  • Healthcare Science
  • Science & Technology
  • Culture & Arts
  • Faith & Learning

Establish Global Online Network

Prepare Exchange opportunities at all levels of academic groups

  • Professors & Doctoral Degree holders
  • Graduate Students
  • High School Students
  • Undergraduate Students
  • General Public