Membership Guideline

Membership Types & Dues

The ISAA membership is categorized in three types, Regular, Student and Life.

Regular membership : Scholars and Practitioners who have earned their PhD and now work within their field.

Student membership : Students who are currently enrolled in a school. Both graduate students and undergraduate students are qualified for student membership. General memberships are for those who are not professionals in the academic fields but have interests in ISAA researches and activities.

Life membership : Includes all future membership dues.

Board membership : Individuals who are board members ( A triple-tiered dues structure , following the UN model for A, B, and C countries based on the World Bank’s indicators of Gross National Income, would be applied on the board membership fee).

  • · Residents of Tier A Countries: 100% USD 80 (KRW 100,000)
  • · Residents of Tier B Countries: 75% USD 60 (KRW 75,000)
  • · Residents of Tier C Countries: 50% USD 40 (KRW 50,000)


Membership Type Due
Regular $45 (KRW 50,000)    Join now
Student Graduate $25 (KRW 30,000)   Join now
Undergraduate & General $10 (KRW 10,000)  Join now
Life $250 (KRW 300,000)  Join now
Board Member Residents of Tier A Countries  $80 (KRW100,000)   Join now
Residents of Tier B Countries  $60 (KRW75,000)   Join now 
Residents of Tier C Countries  $40 (KRW50,000)   Join now 

· Above fees are for 1 year valid membership.(except life membership).

· The regular and student membership dues are waived until 2025 but generous donations are welcomed.

· The Actual payment in your currency will vary based on the international exchange rate of the day, as all transactions will be conducted in Korean won (KWR).

Refund Policy

·Within a week of membership registration : A 100% of the membership fee will be refunded.

* if any processing fee is incurred, it will be deducted from the reimbursement.

·After a week of membership registration : No refunds will be given for cancellations received on or after this date. All dates are based on a point of membership registration.

·All cancellations must be submitted via e-mail ( to the Secretariat. If you do not submit to us by e-mail, no refund will be given.

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